Our Patron Saint 

St. Ambrose

St. Ambrose was one of the four original doctors of the church. He lived from about 337 to 397 A.D., and though he was a lawyer and neither baptized nor schooled in the faith, he became the Bishop of Milan, Italy. When the Bishop of Milan died, the Arians (a splinter branch of Christianity that did not believe in the Holy Trinity) fought with the Trinitarians for control of who would succeed him. When Ambrose went to the basilica to urge each side to maintain peace and discuss the decision civilly, the crowd began to chant "Ambrose for bishop!" He did not want the post after he was given the title and hid among a family he knew. He was given up to the authorities and within a week was baptized, ordained and installed as bishop. Upon taking up his post, Bishop Ambrose adopted a simple lifestyle and gave much of his possessions away. He is also known for founding a new style of writing hymns, called Ambrosian.
St. Ambrose's feast day is celebrated on December 7.


Blessing of the Children 

The 3rd Sunday of the month,  Father Don will do a blessing of the children.   At the end of Mass, he will call all the children up, hand out a Saint card who feast day is during the month.    He will talk to the children about the specific Saint and why that person is a Saint.
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